One Night in Warsaw

On a recent trip to Malaysia/Singapore, the cheapest return flights I could find were with LOT air... including a stopover in Poland! Of course I jumped at the chance, having always wanted to visit the stunning city of Krakow and visit Auschwitz.

My 3 night visit to Poland was short, and just about enough. I only spent one night in Warsaw, and two nights in Krakow (allowing me to visit Auschwitz Birkenau early on one of the days). My only regret is not having stayed long enough to also go to Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory and Museum.

I arrived into Warsaw early on a Thursday morning. Tired, puffy-faced and just generally in a daze, I did what every sensible traveller does when they realise they’ve just landed in a country without any of the local currency – I know, so organised. I dragged my case to the currency counter and asked to pay by card. No. Card isn’t working today.

This is the point where you could probably panic – being solo in a country with no local currency – but you don’t, you instead just float around the airport and try to suss out a bit of a plan. It’s a small airport and it didn’t take me long to find the train platform for the SKM trains. Thankfully the ticket machine accepted my card. Fabulous. I was no longer stranded at the airport. I boarded the next train (SKM S2) and relaxed. We passed through many stations, all platforms looking pretty much identical, and then when we arrived at Warszawa Śródmieście I saw quite a few people on the platform. Now when you’re travelling solo, you seem to sense things. I felt like it was probably the correct station, I trusted my gut and left the station to see this absolute landmark: yep, made it. I really do ‘wing it’ quite a lot as you can probably now tell.

I found an ATM, grabbed something to eat and did some work in Centralna Station, put my suitcase in the baggage lockers upstairs and set out the to Old Town <– This whole part was much more organised and calm.

The Old Town was beautiful. Afterwards, I headed to the Jewish Museum (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews) which was a stunning collection and told a chronological account of Jewish history – perfect for all history nerds like me. You could stay in here for hours as there is so much to see, do and read. A highlight for me was the schoolroom – looking through the children’s notes and books from that time period.

I also visited the Museum of Life under Communism; very immersive and worth every penny, although a small little museum that will only fill half an hour or so. I booked this fab little museum using TripAdvisor.

See more photos and notes from my short visit to Poland: A Walk Through Krakow (Photo Post).

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