Hello! I am a full-time primary teacher living in London who travels the world in my spare time! I love teaching; how could you ever find another job or sector more important or more rewarding to work in?

It’s impossible not to feel motivated when you have 30 incredible mini humans in front of you, relying on you and all deserving to learn as much, and as well, as possible. I am very career-driven, and feel energised by the day-to-day challenges the job presents. Teaching isn’t easy, but the holidays mean I can live my dream life where I work long hours but can travel multiple times a year, too!

Trying to hug one of my favourite cities; Chengdu, China

Travel has always been a part of my life; my Mum loved to travel and my house growing up was full of Indian ornaments, photographs and decor from her travels. I have the travel bug and everytime I plan a big trip, I think to myself “After this adventure I will be satisfied, I will have seen everything I needed to, I will be able to settle down now“… of course this moment never arrives. I end up with more adventures that I need to go on. Travel to me is not a luxury, it is what keeps me going and what makes me feel most alive. 

Throughout university I travelled extensively and now I make use of almost every school holiday to visit somewhere new, or re-visit a place where I feel ‘at home’; Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, Kathmandu and Marrakesh are my home-away-from-homes. I believe life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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Exploring the Batu Caves, Malaysia

During my spare time I am also studying for an MA in Education at UCL. As a teacher, I am interested in using academic research to improve classroom practice, and equally think it is important that researchers understand classroom practice in a way that can strengthen and add value to educational research. I am currently working on my dissertation, focused on the teaching of science. You can find out about my current research here.

Dreaming of faraway places, again!

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